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  • May 9, 2012 8:59 pm

    John Edwards, the fake musical


    I’m running for president,
    The highest office in the land.
    Look, I’m right there in the mirror,
    Smoothing my hair down with my hand.

    I am handsome. Yes, it’s true.
    And I am wealthy: that’s true, too.
    But superficial things like that,
    Well, they’re just not where I’m at.

    You see, I care about the poor.
    I often fret about their plight.
    I adore the way I look
    In this smoky barroom light.

    (RIELLE HUNTER spots JOHN EDWARDS at the bar and approaches him.)


    Hi, I’m Lisa.
    I mean Rielle.
    Will you take me
    To a hotel?

    An excerpt of Ben Greenman’s “Edwards! The Musical” via McSweeneys