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Mitt Romney is holding a rally Tuesday night with his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, at the famed Red Rocks Amphitheater outside Denver. Kid Rock is the big musical attraction, but I am going to be thinking of U2’s iconic performance there in 1983. It was the subject of a concert film, “Under a Blood Red Sky,” and included this performance of one of my favorite U2 songs ever, “New Year’s Day.”

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People either really love or really hate Ryan Adams. And if you are a regular reader of this Tumblr, you know that I am generally in the love category—in part because I really like all of his cover songs, including Oasis’ “Wonderwall” and his excellent version of “Mother” by Danzig.

I’m in North Carolina this week for the Democratic National Convention, so I’m picking Adams, who is from Raleigh, for the campaign soundtrack today. Here is his pretty great cover of Ratt’s “Round and Round.”

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Between overseas travel and Mitt Romney’s VP rollout, it’s been a super busy time covering the 2012 campaign. So it is entirely possible that virtually everyone on Tumblr already knows about The Kills’ amazing cover of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac from an indie rock tribute album to Stevie Nicks and co released last week. If not, listen. If you have already heard it, humor me and listen again because Alison Mosshart is amazing.

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Today, I am parked in Akron, Ohio, where Mitt Romney is set to campaign later today. Akron is, of course, the former home of The Black Keys, a band that has made many appearances on my campaign 2012 playlist. For your viewing/listening pleasure today: “I Got Mine” from their excellent album, “Attack and Release”

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