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Bino Gan has never seen any of Woody Allen’s movies, but in his own way he has helped in the writing of them. Mr. Gan has made sure that the famous Olympia typewriter Mr. Allen uses to write his screenplays is always in good pecking order.

Mr. Gan is also not a huge fan of Francis Ford Coppola, but he did service the Olivetti that Mr. Coppola used to write the Oscar-winning screenplay for “The Godfather.” (Yes, Mr. Gan has seen it.)

He has also serviced the typewriters of the writer and editor William Packard and celebrities like the designer Tommy Hilfiger. Despite Mr. Gan’s link to boldface names, a majority of his customers have been the many local writers he has kept clacking away during his nearly 40 years as a typewriter repairman.

But Mr. Gan’s typewriter-fixing days are coming to a close. He is shuttering his West Village shop, Typewriters ’N Things, for good on Tuesday.

Finessing Typewriters for Nearly 40 Years, and Now Turning Over the Keys (via NYT)

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